Thursday, 14 December 2006

[Insert fanfare here]

After a few minutes wrestling with the finer points of DDC, one of my esteemed colleagues came up with 025.04 for electronic library services. Yes, I've done cat and class; no, I wasn't any good at it. But one of the qualities of a good librarian is being able to exploit all of the resources available to you, including the fine people you work with.

So, I'm a librarian (one of the Young Librarians of the Future, in fact, not that I'm bragging ;)) and I'm into e-library services. Not for their own sake, or as part of a box-ticking exercise, or as a replacement for libraries' core offer. Books do some things that no other medium could improve on, or even replicate.

I like the versatility that the online medium brings. I like that we can offer that extra option. I like that we can use the medium to reach spaces and places our physical presence can't.

Most of all, I like the fun we can have. There's a playfulness around online service delivery that's really hard to get away with in a physical library. I want to explore these opportunities and all of the other stuff defined loosely under the Library 2.0 heading.

So, that's why I'm here. I'm going to blog about my thoughts. I'm sure I'll find it useful, and I hope you will too.