Friday, 26 January 2007

Podcasting for fun and profit

Yesterday, I recorded another podcast with some of the other Young Librarians of the Future and Talis's very own Ian Corns. You can read Mr C's take on it here.

Our topic was reader development. I'm not a reader development librarian - I'm slightly scared of them, to be honest - so I was a little bit out of my depth. But it was a great learning opportunity for me. I'm trying to get some online reader dev services up and running at the moment, and it was *really* good to hear a bunch of people talking about the same ideas I've proposed.

We need to do more with our online presence. It needs to be as good as a real-world branch library - yes, you can reserve and renew books, or make an enquiry via Enquire (did I mention that I won an award for that??), but accessing library services via the website leaves a lot to be desired right now.

I'm sure the podcast will materialise as if by magic at pretty soon. Meanwhile, our first podcast from November is still there, covering the challenges we face when delivering public library services.