Friday, 5 January 2007

This blog post is sponsored by the letter "E"

It's all the fault of email really: anything even remotely resembling a computer-based simulacrum of a real-world object or process gets an "e" stuck in front of it.

My current job title is e-Resources Librarian. I don't like it. The modern library includes both physical and electronic resources, and both should be treated as equals.

As a librarian in the UK, one of the many hoops through which I have to jump in order to justify earning something approaching an appropriate wage is Chartership. It's not enough, apparently, to have a first degree, prior work experience in a library, a postgraduate qualification in librarianship, and the obvious awesome skills ;)

The "Why I hate Chartership" theme is one for another day, but the thing that annoyed me specifically was in the guidance for developing a Personal Professional Development Plan, which forms part of the process:

Indicating how you will develop your participation within the profession e.g. through Branch and Group memberships, professional reading (including e-reading) and other activities

"Include e-reading". What?? Why would I not include things I've read online? And why is it called "e-reading" all of a sudden? Admittedly I understood what it meant, but that's not the point. It's still stupid.

It's an unnecessary term and that's what I dislike so much. That goes double when it comes from a professional body whose aims supposedly include making librarianship more open and accessible.