Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Blog guilt

I haven't posted anything for a while. It's not that I don't have anything to say, I just seem to have a lot to do at the moment. I'm currently juggling:

  • My day job, complete with super-fun software development project
  • Chartership
  • MLA Future Leaders course
  • Coordinating a Young Librarians of the Future response to Blueprint for excellence
  • Assorted top-secret research bits and bobs
  • Retrieving the cat from places he shouldn't be
  • Learning how to get the best out of Linux on my old laptop (a shiny 50p for anyone who can tell me how to make it run at 800x600 rather than 640x480! I'm using Knoppix because it's nice and lean. Kubuntu didn't really do it for me)
  • Building a media PC for the bedroom, complete with TV tuner, running MCE because I'm not brave enough to use MythTV
  • Playing Gears of war/We love Katamari/Dead rising, sort of wishing I had a PS3
  • Learning to crochet
  • Playing with Revish, which looks awesome
  • Being an all-round swell guy

I've got some lengthy blog posts brewing, mostly about what libraries should look like and how most of the spurious guidance we're given is way short of the mark. Pete's putting me to shame by being super-prolific! And also by using Wordpress, which looks much cooler than Blogger.