Tuesday, 24 April 2007

"It was about this thick and it had a red cover"

We've all been asked for books by colour: "I'm looking for an economics book. It was about this thick and it had a red cover". Because, obviously, we know what every single book looks like...

The Superpatron Ed Vielmetti points to Dave Pattern's work on presenting OPAC results based on the colour of the book. Between them, Ed and Dave have come up with some genius proto-search tools for colour-matching books in the catalog.

This is one of those fun, but potentially useful, things that the Web 2.0 paradigm ought to be able to offer us. It's a bit of window-dressing, but with what could be a seriously useful application. Play with it and tell me you don't think it's cool! What if you could enter your keyword in a search box and pick the colour of the book you want from a spectrum? What if you wanted to create a colour-themed display (which can be really effective) and have an online version via your OPAC?