Wednesday, 18 April 2007

The Library + Information Show: part 2

Here are my favourite three bits of swag from the show. I don't endorse any of these Krusty brand products and/or services.

In third place: BiblioMondo's bag

BiblioMondo bag

Looks pretty handy for trips to the market. I have every confidence in its ability to carry bananas.

In second place: Innovative's lanyard

Innovative lanyard

Very useful for keeping your staff ID card in situ, as you can tell from the piccie. Expect this to kickstart a trend in Bolton, and possibly even further afield.

And the winner: the UK Office of the European Parliament's magnifier!

European Parliament magnifier

See how it magnifies the spotty pattern on the kitchen table? OK, well it probably would if it wasn't lying flat on the table... This wins because it might help me out with my new electronics hobby.