Monday, 23 April 2007

Lifehacking the library

The ever-excellent Lifehacker links to a handy tip for making sure you don't forget to take your library books back:

I bought a special basket that stays in the living room. This is now the home
for all things library. The kids learned very quickly to return books to the
basket- even the 2 year-old. Now when it's time to return items, we just dump
them back into the library bag and we know we are returning everything we

I should really take that advice. Library staff are simultaneously the best and worst users: we take tons of stuff out but we're really slack at taking it back. I got an overdue email (something we're trialling) this morning for a DVD I should have brought back on Thursday. Oops! I know I don't get fines on books (hence the taking-it-back slackness) but I'm not sure about DVDs...

Refreshingly, a lot of the comments on the Lifehacker post seem to be from ardent fans of libraries, and particularly from fans of libraries' websites. For an OPAC nerd like me, that's great news!

From Parent Hacks, via Lifehacker.