Friday, 27 April 2007

On podcasting and slackness

One of the most interesting and enlightening things I've done recently, and one I should have followed up ages ago, is the most recent Young Librarians of the Future podcast.

For reasons best known to Talis, our gracious hosts, we're known as the Future Librarians Gang. I don't think we're much of a gang really: we're too nice.

The podcast is available to play or download as an MP3 here. It really is 52 minutes long, which surprised me: the time flew by when we were recording it, but that's probably because I was learning so much about reader development from everybody else.

It was genuinely interesting to discover that so many people are having similar ideas about pushing things like reader dev forward, and especially into the online sphere. My day job touches on online reader dev stuff, but it's still an area I'm not that familiar with. Opportunities to talk and learn about things like this are great, and they come up quite frequently since I'm officially young, librariany and futuristic.

I don't agree with the notion that public libraries are primarily "about" reading though, but that's a topic for another time. I can see the potential for technological solutions to the challenges reader development poses for us, which the reader dev pros seem very enthused by. Their passion, which usually scares me, is probably no different than the rants I'm prone to about how brilliant online information resources are. I had an epiphany when I saw the MLA International Bibliography database at 18, which probably explains a lot...

Download the podcast. The next one should be coming along within the next month or so. There's general agreement on a subject, but we haven't set a date yet.