Monday, 21 May 2007

Chartership registration

Monday's going well:

Chartership form and MA stickyfoot

The three documents in the lo-res cameraphone picture are my copy of the Chartership handbook on yellow paper, my completed registration form and a photocopy of my MA certificate, signed on the back by my mentor.

I had to go lo-res because my phone wouldn't upload hi-res images to Flickr. Stupid phone.

So, here's my Chartership masterplan:

  1. Find an envelope and post my registration form
  2. Craft the finest back-dated PPDP the world has ever seen
  3. Submit a portfolio of evidence in July or August or something
  4. Get my shiny new post-nominals in time for my birthday (October 22nd, since you asked)

That's it. Writing it as a four-line plan makes it look pretty easy!