Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Carnegie & Greenaway

I've just been sent a link to the CILIP Carnegie & Kate Greenaway Children's Book Awards.

You (yes you!) can vote for your all-time favourite Carnegie and/or Greenaway winner. There's a week to go until the deadline. I'm not voting - I can't remember having read any of the books, and it seems unfair to judge them based solely on the TV adaptations.

My favourite book as a child was this thing about a dragon, or definitely a dragon-like creature. The story was told in verse, with a two-page illustration for each stanza. The protagonist got into some sort of bother, and endured a series of events before things were (I think) put right again. He/it was definitely tried by a kangaroo court, which was made up of beautifully-drawn kangaroos, one of who was possibly dressed as a judge. I have no idea what that book is, but I loved it. I must have been 5 or 6 when I found it in a box in the garage. I remember taking it to my mum, and telling her I'd found a book; she told me it wasn't lost. She's still like that now.

And while I'm reminiscing, I remember reading a series of books about a magic cat, and a magic ring, and other magic goings-on. It was a black cat, and the books were part of a series for teaching children to read: they got progressively harder as the series went on. We moved over Christmas, after my 7th birthday, and I started at a new school in January. They gave me these books to read because my old school hadn't sent any records over, so they didn't know whether I could read or not. I got my first computer that Christmas, and I discovered that I could spell - I didn't realise I could before then (now there's an admission that'll alert people to misspelins on my blog!), so it was a pretty good time for me. Which is not to say that the following 20 years haven't been equally fun-packed, obviously.

Nostalgia: not what it used to be...