Friday, 29 June 2007

Umbrella: day one

I'm freaking exhausted. Most people seem to be partying into the wee
small hours, but not me.

I spent seven and a half hours on the motorway today, which probably
goes some way toward explaining my tiredness...

I got here in time for Phil Bradley's session on Web 2.0. Since I'm
basically the poster boy for electronic library services, I don't
think it taught me anything new. Phil is an engaging and enthusiastic
speaker though, which explains his popularity. Since Rupert Giles is
pretend and Ranganathan's dead, he's the closest thing to a hero we've
got. I have to question his insistence on librarians trying Web 2.0
things regardless of their organisations' ICT policies: some things
just ain't gonna happen, regardless of whether you think they should
or not.

I liked the PLG AGM so much that I've sort of volunteered to join the
committee. I'm not sure how that happened, but the cava may have

Now I'm going to read me some Bizarro World before catching some Zs.