Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Umbrella: T-1 day

I've got my directions printed, I've tidied my desk (this is a significant development, believe me) and I'm raring to go. Or as raring as I get.

I still need to sort out a playlist for the journey (I'm saving the John Dolan/Talis podcast and a couple of Escape Pod stories) but that should take mere minutes. Oh, and I need to pack. I made a couple of T-shirts for the event last night and I need to remember to take them.

Since I've completely failed to get a PCMCIA Ethernet card for my laptop, I won't bother taking it with me. I'll have to resort to analogue media for my note-taking. This won't be a problem, because:

  1. As we all know, a good librarian is never without a pencil
  2. I tend not to take many notes anyway. Most of my notes in English literature lectures were things like "I'm so hungry" and "Are we going to the bar after this?"

I could always do a Richard Charkin... Or not, since I have at least a vague grasp of property law: if it's not yours, you can't just walk away with it.

I'm looking forward to meeting up with new and old friends, learning about what's going on in LibraryLand, and cramming my face with free food.