Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Umbrella: T-22 days

Umbrella starts three weeks tomorrow. I'm starting to do the important bits of preparation - wardrobe planning, sorting an iPod playlist for the four-hour drive to Hatfield, buying a wired Ethernet card for my laptop - as well as the run-of-the-mill stuff like deciding what I'll actually do when I'm there.

So far, it's hard to decide between some of the strands. The first one is a no-brainer: Phil Bradley on Web 2.0. One of the first, and best, pieces of advice I was given in LibraryLand was to read Phil's column in LAR (as was). I was told this at about the same time I was told that a good librarian is never without a pencil, and I've found both of those nuggets invaluable.

I'm going to the PLG AGM, since they're very kindly paying for me to attend, which clashes with the Exhibition Opening Party. My only concern is that the best swag from the exhibitors will be gone by the time I get there.

Other than that, I might have to make it up as I go along: there are several slots in which I could quite happily attend two or more seminars for the good of my employers. When I'm confronted with a menu, I can't make a decision until my order is being taken. It usually turns out OK, so maybe the same principle will work at Umbrella.