Thursday, 21 June 2007

Visiting dignitaries

Today was the final day of Joint use libraries: an international conference. My boss gave a presentation on Tuesday. A busload of delegates went to two of our libraries, and I spoke to them about my job when they came to Central. The justification is that my role is a good example of partnership working, because I'm employed by three library services, and I work with our LMS vendor.

I gave the delegates a quick spiel on my job and how it works, anticipating the questions that people always ask me about it ("How do you make sure you spend equal amounts of time on each service?" is the biggie). I acquired a business card from a Californian university library: with a little luck, they'll invite me out there for a chat about what I do...

It reminded me that I need to up my presentation game a bit. I try not to "erm" too much, but my inner Hugh Grant has a tendency to emerge in these situations (which is not helped by my decision to grow my hair to foppish length, emulating last summer's homage to Clark Kent in Superman returns). Fortunately, my new PDP has a presentation skills course on it. Mind you, so did last year's, and that never happened.