Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Get on your bikes and ride

Since I obviously can't be bothered to blog about library things at the moment, here's a picture of my most recent project:


Inspired by MAKE, I made a singlespeed road bike. It cost £15 via eBay. Jack at Green Machine gave me the wheels, and I bought most of the other bits from there. I'll probably chop and flip the bars at some point, depending on how I get on with them. I think I'll strip the frame back to bare metal next summer and respray it too.

I gave it a quick test ride on Monday - a very quick ride, because I was recovering from Sunday's eight hour Manchester-Blackpool jaunt - and it's flippin' sweet. I'm riding it to work tomorrow, so I hope I hooked the brakes up properly...

Coming soon: the messenger bag I made (also from MAKE) and my embroidered iPod case. It's nice to create things.