Friday, 27 July 2007

Hulk smash!

We've got a Graphic Novel Group meeting tomorrow. Normally, I'm just a punter at these meetings: I don't work Saturdays in my current post. But this month, I'm running the show!

I've never actually run a reading group. I tend to stay away from the touchy-feely stuff. But I'm running it tomorrow because the person who usually does it is off on her hols.

The chosen theme is a double header: Hulk and Transformers. We'll probably have a group outing to see the Transformers movie, like we did with 300 and Spider-Man 3. I've got to prepare, so I'm reading lots of comic books - the sacrifices you have to make - because the members of the group are scarily knowledgeable.

We're a little short on Hulk books at work, so I'll re-read my Ultimates books, Marvel Monsters, and anything else vaguely Hulkish. We've got plenty of Transformers books in stock, so that's OK. Fortunately, I was a big Transformers fan when I was a nipper. You'd probably have a hard time finding a man in his late twenties who wasn't (am I really in my late twenties?).

Tea, biscuits and nerdy comic talk will commence at 3.30pm, Saturday 28th July, Bolton Central Library. We'll be in the Adult Fiction section.