Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Chartership: a warning!

Picture the scene: it's summer, and after three years of faffing about, you've finally got your act together enough to register for Chartership. You've only registered, mind: you haven't actually managed to get a PPDP sorted yet.

A few days pass, and you get an email confirming that you've registered for Chartership. You've got six months - that's *ages*! - to bung your PPDP and Mentor registration stuff CILIP's way. It'll be cake: you'll manage to do that, no worries.

Cut to the end of October. The nights are drawing in, it's almost cold enough to be scarf weather, and your boss has made vague threats about your Chartership progress. You get that weird vertigo feeling as you realise that, maybe, those six months are almost up...

So this is my warning: don't do what I did. I've got two days to get my PPDP and Mentoring forms sorted out. It's not going to happen, but at least I (probably) won't put myself in this situation again.