Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Librarian on tour

I’ve got a busy few months ahead of me. The day job is becoming increasingly hectic as the launch of our shiny new community information solution approaches. We’re still beta testing, but it’s pretty much ready to go as far as public access is concerned. I’m also involved in the development of a next generation OPAC, which has the potential to be really cool. Or, you know, as cool as OPACs get.

I’ve got a lot of other stuff planned as well. I’ll devote a separate post to each of these – or a series of posts to some of them – but for now, read on for a list of dates on my Autumn/Winter World Tour…

On Monday October 15th, I’m going to MLA to judge the Top 10 New Librarians 2007. I can’t guarantee that I’ll award bonus points for Buffy fandom – I’m really into Heroes and BSG right now – but anyone who cites Rupert Giles as an influence rules as far as I’m concerned.

Friday November 2nd is my first “proper” PLG Committee meeting, at Ridgmount Street. It’s a full day, and I’ll be contributing to the Professional Practice Panel. It's nice to have an opportunity to put something back into the profession.

The following week, I’ll be participating in a panel discussion at Talis Insight. The session will be compered by Frances Hendrix, and the panel will be mostly made up of my fellow Young Librarians of the Future. We're on stage (or whatever) at 12.10 on Tuesday 6th November.

Our Council has recently set up a Library Policy Development Group. This cross-party posse of elected Members works with our senior managers to define library policy, and is unarguably A Good Idea. I’ll be guest starring at their meeting on Friday November 23rd, talking about partnership working, the importance of online library services, and my general awesomeness. I may have made that last one up. I’m not *that* vain.

But the best bit is in February. My excellent friend Tom Forrest does a lot of work with the British Council. He’s involved with their programme in Bulgaria, which is developing a modern legal framework for statutory public library provision and equipping Chief Librarians with equally modern skills. He’s taking me with him. I’ll be going as an expert on online library service provision, an alumnus of MLA Future Leaders, and an all-round example of why you need to invest in the future of the profession. I didn’t make that last one up. We need to stop underselling ourselves.

Busy, busy, busy!