Friday, 5 October 2007

"Unfortunately, you weren't successful on this occasion"

InterviewFest '07 is drawing to a close. We interviewed 50-odd people for Saturday vacancies. It's been a really useful experience - I've learned a lot about what the interviewer is looking for - but it's also been ever-so-slightly soul-crushing.

Offering jobs to people is a wonderful ego boost, which I'd recommend. It's nice when people tell you that you've made their day/week/lifetime, and frankly I couldn't care less whether they actually mean it or not - it's nice of them to say it! The bit that sucks, though, is being the guy who rings up to say "unfortunately, you weren't successful on this occasion", like some sort of HR robot. I've spent most of today doing just that.

I know, it's not really about me, and I have a tendency to whinge in a really unattractive and undignified way... But I'm a sensitive boy and I just want everyone to be happy. I stuck to the Council's Recruitment and Selection guidelines and tried to break the bad news in as positive a way as possible: the old feedback sandwich. Next time I have to do this, I'll do a little more mental preparation. It probably helps to be in the right frame of mind.