Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Insight roundup

Yeah, I know, this was a fortnight ago, but I've only just got around to blogging about it... I;m not a great note-taker, but here's the stuff I jotted down so I could share the Talis Insight experience with my colleagues in a Team Meeting.

I'll write some more about a couple of these when I get around to it, which might even be on Friday (depending on how my currently-tricky media PC build goes). You lucky people!

Day 1

Dave Errington
Set the “inspiration for change” theme pretty well
Dave likes apes

Euan Semple’s opening keynote
KM (without actually saying KM)
Social stuff
If the monolithic BBC can do this stuff, so can we

John Dolan
What MLA’s up to now
Post-Framework position
No mention of Blueprint…

A conversation with the future
A very attractive bunch, despite what Frances said…

David Lightfoot
A genuinely interesting approach to the challenges of rural service delivery

Ken Chad
I had no idea he was so tall
Pretty darned thorough view of the LMS landscape
Even a confirmed OPAC nerd like me could pick up a lot from this session
Definitely worth a look when the video becomes available

Tim Coates
Worst. PowerPoint. Ever.

Richard Wallis
Came out as a big fan of the Young Librarians panel. I’ve always liked Richard!

Drinks reception
Free booze! Woo hoo!

Day 2

Roy Clare
Genuinely engaging, with more-or-less equal input from public and academic librarians
I get the impression that MLA will achieve something with Roy in charge

Tony Durcan
Showed us urban challenges as David Lightfoot did their rural equivalents
Some interesting (and seemingly viable) metaphors for different levels of service delivery
Dealt admirably with “F-bomb” Hendrix

Towards a total resource management solution
ERM is something I’m really interested in
Comments from Chris Armstrong on “e-content” and evangelism

Empowering customers through open development
Another one featuring very attractive people…
Actually a reasonable depiction of the customer/developer relationship in the Talis context
Not quite enough arguing though. We usually argue more (e.g. over geographical searching – that's a hint for Talis, btw)

The semantic web and libraries
Richard Wallis, rather than the advertised Paul Miller
A whistle-stop, audience-appropriate tour of the concepts
Very, very good and worth a look when the video appears
Macs make very pretty presentations

Liz McGettigan
Like Lightfoot and Durcan, but for Scottish libraries
Quite a transformation achieved over 10 years

Dave Errington’s closing comments
The single most disappointing aspect of the conference, primarily because they weren’t “Congratulations Michael, you’ve won an iPhone”. Don’t worry about it though, Dave – I stopped sulking a couple of days later and got myself a Nokia N95 instead!