Thursday, 17 January 2008

Pub quiz, hotshot!

Today will have one of two outcomes: glory or failure.

It's the CILIP NW AGM and pub quiz! 7.30, the Ape and Apple, John Dalton Street, Manchester. Entry is a fiver. We're entering a team in the quiz - our senior managers, two of my colleagues, and me. The mixture of booze and an AGM worries me slightly: it's too easy to volunteer yourself for things...

The naming of the quiz team is tricky. I've vetoed "One Young Librarian of the Future and his friends" as it puts too much pressure on me. I favour "Shoot the hostage," as an homage to Keanu's answer to Dennis Hopper's question in Speed. We're likely to go with a very long Dewey number for public librarians in Bolton, keeping our fingers crossed that there aren't any expert cataloguers there to pick holes in our classification.