Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Second place: like first, but one louder

We almost won the quiz. We came second, which is perfectly respectable, yet avoids both glory and abject failure. We walked away with a tenner's worth of Waterstones vouchers each. I'm not sure of the wisdom of encouraging librarians to buy their own books, rather than borrow them, but what do I know?

We should have won the competition for best team name: 027.442737/BOL, for public librarians in Bolton, was obviously superior to the winning Zoobrarians 2.0. That name doesn't even make sense. I'm assuming that the administrators felt they couldn't give us two prizes...

Anyway, check me out, engaging with my profession:

The almost-winning team!

Oh yes, I rock. I also gurn in photographs, apparently. And I need to get my hair cut.

In all seriousness (I know, it's a break from tradition), combining the AGM with a pub quiz seemed pretty effective. The turnout was good, there was an opportunity to chat to fellow professionals from other disciplines, and a good time was had by all. More of the same wouldn't be too bad an idea.