Thursday, 6 March 2008

World Book Day 2008

Today is World Book Day, but only if you live in the UK or Ireland. Everyone else does it on April 23rd.

In the UK, school children get a £1 token, which can be exchanged for a book written specifically for the event. These are actual proper books, maybe 100 pages long, written by people you've heard of.

I bought one of said books from Amazon: Neil Gaiman's Odd and the Frost Giants.

World Book Day book

It was a mere 10p, so part of me feels bad for ripping off a well-meaning organisation by getting something for 90% off the (already cheap) cover price; the other part is pleased that I've got a shiny new book for less than the cost of a Freddo...

2008 is the UK's National Year of Reading, which is generally keeping the nation's reader development librarians rather busy. Each month from April onwards has a theme. I'm supposed to be doing some sort of science fiction thing for June, which is bound to be exciting enough for me to blog about here.

I'm almost exactly halfway through after reading some of it at lunch. I would have got more of it read, but I had the most enormous sandwich and I needed both hands to hold it. It's got Norse mythology, a boy called Odd, and plenty of the typical Gaiman sparkle. The book, that is: my sandwich was a Club Triple from the Doorsteps Deli.