Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Full of BS

We're having a let's-promote-our-online-resources day on Thursday. You know the drill: we pay for all of this stuff, but it doesn't get used particularly well, so maybe if we tell people about it we'll see usage go up...

We used AviScreen Portable to grab five-minute videos of a few of our online subs: OED, DNB, Encyclopaedia Britannica and British Standards. They all follow the same format: a couple of searches, a couple of results lists, a couple of pauses while we look at the kind of content these things can offer us.

The final resource above gives us the title of today's post, and my new favourite British Standard: BS 6325. It's a glossary of terms relating to black tea.

Best. Standard. Ever.

So now I know that I can, technically, describe my tea as stylish ("describes the leaf of the tea which has been well manufactured and is of superior appearance") or pre-autumnal ("describes a desirable taste found in early autumnal teas from north India"). We're drinking teapigs tea at home, which is unsustainably pricey, but rather lovely. Their English Breakfast is at once pointy and juicy, to use my newly-acquired vocabulary.

We'll have these demos running on a loop on a projector in the reference library (aka In-Depth). We'll be able to interrupt the loop to show folk how to do specific things, or to leave a particular record on view.

We'll also stick the videos on the intranet at some point, as they'll be useful for staff training. This little endeavour has inspired me to put together a batch of these videos on different topics: five-second masterpieces on logging into FAME, searching Grove Art, finding books on the OPAC, or anything else that comes up. Great fun, all free, and potentially very useful.