Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Dr James Dearnley (DIS, Lougborough University): Future roles of librarianship

Cleveland (Ohio) library in Second Life - good design, content tends toward exhibition
Info Island comparatively empty
Alliance Public Library in SL - rooms devoted to different collections
Cleveland - buildings designed to reflect purpose/content
Avondale library has doors - why?
Talis Cybrary City - free space for a year for libraries
Capacity/maintenance/hardware issues for SL
SL-based duplication of web services not necessarily the way to go
High churn rate of 60-85%
Gartner research (taken with a pinch of salt) - we're likely to become disillusioned with SL soon
Is SL a technology without an application?
Gartner's hype cycle
DIS streams media into SL
Two-tier - paid customers get better treatment in SL
User base tends more toward "mature" than teenaged?

This was, erm, different. I got the impression that a lot of the audience didn't know Second Life, and there wasn't really any attempt to explain what it is or why we should care. The message, I think, is that we should consider online environments *like* SL and what they might evolve into, and we should think seriously about using them as service delivery environments.