Friday, 13 June 2008

Lyn Brown MP: A political perspective

Libraries enjoy broad cross-party support. Always have
Range of skills needed in addition to library qualifications
We must stay relevant
If they are to survive, public libraries need to be part of the bigger picture - sometimes participating, sometimes leading
Good library authorities should ensure that devolved assets [community-run libraries] remain strong and relevant
Community libraries need hard outcomes
Need locally-defined outcome targets
Libraries with clear vision and proactive staff can deliver a good service, irrespective of their position within the council's structure
MLA has not, to date, been configured to provide a library leadership role
Need for a national library leadership agency(?)
Wolverhampton - mapped socioeconomic characteristics of people living within a one-mile radius of libraries
Need a coherent, non-knee-jerk, evidence-based response to challenging green and white papers

Fewer notes here, but Lyn Brown was in no way any less thought-provoking than Roy Clare - she knows her stuff and is not afraid to ask difficult questions of the profession. Some challenging stuff here, and you can see a theme emerging: we need evidence!