Monday, 17 November 2008

Trying to sneak back into the biblioblogosphere

In lieu of a proper post, here's my current to-do list. Names have been obscured to protect the innocent:

* Speak to [Schools Library Service]
* Neo sub?
* Speak to [Library Manager]
* Dig out Bookseller supplement? Check online archive?

[Well-known children's author, who is visiting us in January]:
* Copy for [Marketing person]
* Schools via [other YA librarian]/[Schools Library Service]
* Get very excited
* Float idea of working w [bookshop]?
* Mugshot from publisher for our publicity

[International organisation I'd love to work for] visit:
* Book the catering
* Firm up programme, email to [person organising visit]/[person employed by international organisation]
* Talk to [the community library which our visitors will be visiting] (but who?)

* Meeting date
* Manga stuff

* Talk to [reader development librarian] re teen group's lack of interest
* One-off adult group poss leading to regular genre fiction group?

Note the following:

  1. None of these is "post regularly to blog", although I'd really like to.
  2. Similarly, there's no "spent most of your time at the reference desk or being timetabled on counters at the library", which is what I find myself doing most days.

I'm writing something for the Public Library Journal on People's Network Enquire. One of my regular hobby horses is how online reference is just like face-to-face ref, only without the nonverbal cues you get from someone standing in front of you. The reference transaction is pretty much the same, regardless of the medium. Imagine that, but for a couple of thousand words (or however many Liz lets me have). Only better, and cleverer.

My TDL is a .txt document which lives on my desktop and is opened when I start my computer. It's supposed to spur me into action. It sometimes works.